Take a gander at my world.

I hate feeling like this but I know sooner or later It’ll go away and I’ll be ok

I just want these feelings to go away, I don’t want to feel them anymore. I want to get back to my normal self and move on with my life. I hate how it’s going to take time till I’m happy again, I hate how even though I move on with my life I’ll probably think of you and all of the good times we had. I don’t even want to think about how sad I’m going to be

What’s wrong w. me

I just want someone to go that extra mile for me as I would them

Tbh I just want someone to love and adore me as much I would them

It sometimes feels like I’m the only one in this relationship

I’m trying, I’m trying my hardest to hold on but what can I do if all you do is push me away

Sometimes it becomes to much for me

Sometimes I catch myself being sad because a part of me wants to leave but I don’t know how

Ugh fuck you the fray and safety suit you make me an emotional bitch